Brazil Market Overview

Brazil Inbound Tourism Snapshot

The last years has been marked by economic challenges across Latin America and a decrease in the outbound travel from Brazil to the United States. However, in 2015 Brazil was ranked the fourth country generating travel to the U.S. with 2.2 million visitors summing up a total of $11,072 in travel receipts. Brazil was in the top arrival market and accounted for more than 30% of all arrivals in the United States from South America.
Brazilian spending in the United States has increased six-fold over the last decade and now supports more than 64,000 U.S. jobs. The Brazilian market is of paramount importance to the U.S. competitive position and ultimately the nation’s tourism strategy.

Following a year of severe economic and political distress, Brazilian economy and its tour and travel industry are entering a modest phase of recovery in 2017. Demonstrated in the recently released forecast for Brazilian Arrivals in the USA in which there will be growth in arrivals, considering the previous scenarios. By 2020, it is expected 2.4 million Brazilian tourists will travel to the U.S.: number projects an increase of 19% in four years.

Consumer confidence in the economy has improved after the return of political stability and the country is poised to return to growth following the deepest recession in many years. A stronger Brazilian currency has encouraged tourists to travel abroad, especially to the U.S. and expenses abroad is going back on an upward trajectory that has been characteristic of the last decade.

IPW in New Orleans caused a positive and long lasting impact on the U.S. Southern region as Brazil was one of the top five International delegations among buyers, public relations professionals and media attending the show this year. For 2017, IPW expects to near double the number of Brazilian buyers due to the positive signs of economic recovery.

Copa Airlines flights between Panama and New Orleans also contributes to develop the tourism in the region with convenient connections to more than 55 destinations to Central and South America. 



 Travel Profile -  Brazil

 Travel South USA Region
 (12 state region)
2015 2014
Yr/Yr % Chg
 Number of Visitors 78,000 128,000 -39.1%
 Visitor Spending $71,182,800 $154,368,000 -53.9%
 Travel South Share of Market 3.4% 5% -32.0%
 Nights in Travel South USA Region 11.7 14.4 -18.8%
 States Visited 2.4 2.1 -14.3%
 Sources:  US Department of Commerce, Travel Market Insights


  • Brazilian currency appreciated over 23% against the dollar in 2016, encouraging international travel, particularly to the United States.
  • In February 2017, Brazilian Real was the currency that appreciated most against the dollar in one year, considering 15 of the world's major currencies.
  • Brazil has "bottomed out" and is on its way back. Last year's 33% surcharge on all credit card purchases in the U.S. has been reduced to a more manageable 6.2%.
  • Both the U.S. and Latin America air carriers are offering deep discounts on U.S. routes which serve to stimulate travel to the United States.
  • Hotels in several major gateways are more open to selling value rates through the RTO channel.
  • The film "Wild America" produced in association with Brand USA and narrated in Portuguese, will inspire audiences to travel and discover the great American outdoors.


River Global

River Global works on promoting travel destinations targeting Brazilian tour operators, travelers and travel media through various channels. Our team of tourism specialists is prepared to promote destinations or business main attractions and points of interest, offering a range of services developed to make the Brazilian and South American tourism market acknowledgeable. Operating out of São Paulo, Brazil, the largest financial and commercial center of South America, River Global provides all the necessary information, expertise and support needed by its clients to expand or establish their businesses in Brazil, providing customized solutions to meet government trade, marketing and tourism promotion agencies and firm´s specific needs.  

Jose Madeira - Managing Director

Jose Madeira ( is the founding and managing director of Business Brazil group, which includes Tourism Brazil and World Conquer International Consulta Ltda. Madeira is a Brazilian citizen with more than 30 years of experience in the private and government sectors with demonstrated expertise in forging and strengthening economic and business ties between Brazil and foreign countries through negotiation of domestic and international sourcing, organization, and participation in foreign trade missions and trade shows, trade and investment seminars, international marketing and promotion, market research, and other official events within the government and business community. He has organized FAM tours to U.S. destinations, worked with tour operators to create travel packages, organize participation in tourism-related trade shows, destination seminars, sales missions, marketing and PR activities, social media, and other activities in the travel and tourism industry.

Gisela Perez - Tourism Manager

Gisela Perez ( brings 25 years of tourism and management experience, having served as commercial manager of MK Travel for a number of years, and before that, having served in various positions at New Age, Interpoint among other Brazilian tour operators. In 2012, Gisela was awarded as one of the best Sales Manager by Panrotas travel trade magazine. Gisela’s vast resources and her existing relationships with our partners and customers will enable her to hit the ground running in her new role in promoting Travel South states as a premier destination.

Mariana Amos - Marketing Specialist

Mariana's ( strong knowledge and over five years of experience in the tourism industry in leading and managing online campaigns, social media, on and offline strategies and development, implementation and performance analysis. Mariana is familiar with the U.S. Travel and Tourism industry working for a digital marketing agency, ITI Marketing in Georgia, having among its clients GDEcD Tourism Division, Peachtree City CVB, Bradenton Area, Kentucky, and other destinations. 


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