Supplier Overview

Supplier Registration Overview

(CVBs, Destinations, Attractions, Accommodations, Restaurants)

Supplier Registration Opens September 4th


Suppliers of a tourism product who have businesses (a physical site) in one or more of the Travel South USA member states including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia are eligible to participate at Showcase. 


Management companies are eligible to attend when 75% of the company’s properties or attractions are located in the Travel South USA region (does not apply to headquarters of national hotel chains). A list of all hotels managed or owned, including street addresses, must be submitted for review. 


Organizations that operate in two or more TSUSA states may select the state aisle in which to be placed or elect to be placed in the designated multi-state section on the Marketplace floor. 


Additional Supplier delegates may share one (1) appointment book. (See booth share option below)


Receptive operators must meet the qualifications outlined above to participate as a Supplier. Companies must do inbound business in at least three Travel South USA states and may be asked to submit references and/or itineraries to attend as a Buyer. 


North American tour operators are invited as Buyers and must qualify to participate. Travel South USA invites tour operators who have been recommended by Suppliers or other tour operators. 


Supplier registrations will be accepted on a first come first serve basis until all space is sold out. Register early! It is not unusual for Supplier booths to sell out prior to the end of the early-bird pricing registration period. 


Online registration is strongly encouraged; if you need assistance, please contact Travel South USA


Use of booth space is restricted to the company whose name appears on the registration form. The booth holder may not sublet nor assign any portion of the same at any time. Booth assignments, florist forms and shipping forms are available on the Marketplace page.


Fees & Booth Information

Supplier Registration Fees for 2020:
  • Booth - One Delegate - Early Bird Pricing: $1395
    Beginning December 14, 2019: $1495
    (includes one booth and appointment book)
  • Booth - Two Delegates - Early Bird Pricing: $1095 per person
    Beginning December 14, 2019: $1195 per person
    (up to two delegates from an organization sharing one booth and appointment book)
  • Booth Share- Early Bird Pricing: $1095 per person (double) or $795 per person (triple)
    Beginning December 14, 2019: $1195 per person (double) or $895 per person (triple) 
    (up to three delegates from 2-3 organizations sharing one booth and appointment book)

    * Note: The early-bird pricing period guarantees discounted pricing but it does not guarantee space availability. It is highly likely that Supplier booths will sell out prior to December 13!
Booth (1-2 delegates from the same company): The early-bird registration fee for one delegate with one appointment book is $1,395. Two delegates sharing one appointment book is $1095 per person.


Booth Share (2-3 delegates from multiple companies): In an effort to encourage local and regional alliances and make it more feasible for attractions and destinations to participate in Showcase, we also offer a Booth Share option which allows up to three delegates to share a booth with one appointment book. A booth share is the most cost efficient and effective way to promote a destination or region. There are three possible combinations in a booth share: 1) two delegates from different companies 2) two delegates from one company sharing with a third person from another company or 3) three delegates from three different companies sharing one booth. For example, a destination might bring a representative from a local hotel and/or attraction or three attractions might join forces to form a marketing alliance to promote local itineraries or packages. In a booth share, each individual company will have a unique profile listing in the delegate directory but we encourage the use of a "catchy" marketing name to promote the booth so it grabs the attention of tour operators when they are selecting appointment requests. The early-bird cost for two delegates with one booth is $1095 per person and three delegates is $795 per person.

Steps to Register for a Booth Share:

  1. Select a primary delegate. (This is the main contact for the booth and also the individual that will input all appointment requests.)
  2. Come up with an interesting marketing name for the booth. This should be a catchy name that adequately describes the alliance or region. (A strong booth name has been proven to play a substantial role in receiving more appointment requests from tour operators.) The booth name will appear in the online directory along with the names of each individual company registered in the booth. During the primary registration, there will be an opportunity to input the booth name into the registration. Don't worry, if you forget or change the name later we can easily make changes to the booth name at any time prior to the close of appointment requests on February 21, 2020.
  3. The primary delegate should complete the online registration using his/her registration link received from TSUSA. (The partners should not register until after the primary delegate is registered.) During registration, complete the contact information and profile only for your company. (The partners will complete their individual profiles later.)
  4. Select a double or triple booth in the shopping cart depending on the amount of partners sharing the booth. Please note that the entire cost of the booth will appear in the primary registration. If the primary company will not be paying for the entire booth, select purchase order as the method of payment prior to submitting the registration. After all of the partners are registered, TSUSA can split the invoice up as directed and bill each member of the booth individually.
  5. Once the primary registration is submitted, you'll immediately receive an online registration summary via email. This summary will contain a link to add partners to the booth share. (The partners must use the booth share link provided to the primary delegate - not a link previously received from TSUSA.)
  6. After all of the partners have submitted registrations, the booth will be confirmed and, if requested, invoices will be sent to each individual.
  7. During appointment scheduling, all delegates will have access to the online directory. However, only the primary booth delegate will input the actual requests for the booth. Once the schedules have been completed, everyone in the booth will have access to the schedule online.
For more information regarding the booth share option, please contact Travel South USA for assistance.


Applications for registration will be accepted only when accompanied by a credit card, check or purchase order number. The fees include the registration, appointment schedule, social functions and activities which are part of the official program.


The online registration confirmation serves as an invoice and is due immediately. However, payment does not guarantee acceptance into Showcase. Official notice of acceptance and confirmation will be sent via email after the registration has been submitted and processed.


Accommodations are not included. Please visit the Hotel page to make online reservations.


All delegates are welcome to attend all social and events that are part of the official programs, including breakfast and luncheons.


Due to the business nature of Showcase, Supplier spouse registrations are not provided.


Registration fees are due immediately. Purchase orders must be paid in full by 5:00pm, December 13, 2019. For those companies drawn from the waiting list, payment is due 30 days after confirmation. Non-payment will result in the forfeiture of booth space. There are no exceptions.


There is an additional charge of $50.00 for name changes after February 21, 2020.


Cancellation & Refunds

Cancellation policy: Full refund with written cancellation prior to December 13, 2019. 50% refund with written cancellation received between December 13, 2019 and January 22, 2020. There are no refunds after 5:00pm January 22, 2020. There are no exceptions.


Need Help?

If you have questions, need more information or assistance, please email Travel South USA or call us at 404-231-1790.