Appointment Requests & Scheduling

The objective of the Travel South USA International Showcase is simple; connect Southern suppliers with International Buyers. By hosting International Buyers here in the South, our Marketplace allows Suppliers the most optimum environment to market Southern destinations, events and special attractions. Our automated scheduling system matches appointment requests and schedules.

Nearly 100% of all mutually requested appointments and 90% of all buyer-requested appointments are confirmed, giving you quality appointments. International Showcase gives you the flexibility of requesting your appointments on our website, allowing you to change and update your requests up until the deadline. On average, Suppliers can expect between 30-35 pre-scheduled appointments. In addition, you will see which companies have requested your organization, allowing you to continually update your requests in order to gain more mutual appointments.

*My International Showcase Page is where you will conduct your appointment research and make your scheduling requests. This will open on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. In order to confirm your appointments, Supplier delegates must submit a minimum of 50 Buyer requests prior to 5:00pm EST on Friday, November 5, 2021. All confirmed appointments will be accessible through your My International Showcase Page on Friday, November 19, 2021.


Requesting Appointments

All delegates will need to access the My International Showcase Page on the Travel South USA website through the link provided in their appointment schedule email. Delegates will use this login to access marketing information about each company, however, only appointment taking Buyer and "Primary Supplier POD Delegate" will have access to appointment requests. Suppliers sharing a POD should give "Primary Supplier POD Delegate" appointment requests for processing. The site will provide detailed instructions on how to request appointments.

The appointment scheduling section of the site opens Wednesday, October 6, 2021; all requests are due by Friday, November 5, 2021. During this time, you will be able to access profile sheets on all Buyers and Suppliers registered for International Showcase. Since registration will remain open, this list will continuously be updated until registration closes on Friday, November 5, 2021. A list of pre-scheduled appointments will be available online for each company on Friday, November 19, 2021.


Keeping Appointments

During International Showcase, Buyers visit Suppliers in their booths and keep appointments discussing how they can best do business. Announcements are made every fourteen (14) minutes telling Buyers it is time to check their schedule and move to the next appointment. There is one minute between each appointment. All delegates may participate in all marketplace sessions.

We recommend Suppliers bring itineraries and a presentation binder or laptop/tablet with information about their destination or property to show tour operators what is available in their area.

Please note that electricity is not provided in the Supplier booths. In most cases, laptops and tablets can be adequately charged during breaks and between Marketplace sessions so electricity is not essential in the booth.


Supplier Booth Regulations

Travel South USA is a "brochures only" Showcase. We strictly enforce no banners, backdrops, pop-ups, exhibits, posters, electrical, audio visuals or similar decorations from being permitted in the booth. No table-top displays or custom draperies (including table) may be used and will be cited for removal if in violation. You may bring a laptop computer or tablet. (Please note that electricity is not provided in the Supplier booths but can be obtained through the hotel.) In most cases, laptops and tablets can be adequately charged during breaks and between Marketplace sessions so electricity is not essential in the booth.)


Getting the Most Out of International Showcase

In addition to Marketplace appointments, a wide variety of social events are scheduled during International Showcase to provide the opportunity to do business in a more relaxed setting, plus learn about some of the exciting destinations in the region.

When you receive your list of pre-scheduled appointments, begin planning your strategy for on-site meetings. Always have a business card with you! Not only to exchange them…many people have booked tours or gotten stories placed from notes on the back of a business card! Stay near your booth! There are plenty of stories from Suppliers who said they had some of their best appointments from people walking by!


Need Help?

If you have questions, need more information or assistance, please e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at 404-231-1790.