Italy Inbound Tourism Snapshot - Growth Market

For Travel South USA, there is no such thing as an accidental tourist from Italy. It takes deliberate planning to visit the southern region, compelled by curiosity and the promise of what’s unique and different in the American culture, history, lifestyle, nature, and innovative culinary scene. The Italian market has long-term potential and high spend per visitor and the U.S. remains the #1 long-haul travel destination for Italians.

The Italian travel industry landscape is mainly dominated by small-to-medium companies. A significant number of them are family-owned and run. Very often they focus on consumers in a specific geographic region and, in some cases, are market leaders on a global scale. There are approximately 80 tour operator companies who feature U.S. product and 6,000 travel agencies/retailers based in Italy.

The southern U.S. remains very popular for Italian tour operators looking to create product and market aggressively to their customer base of well-heeled travelers.


Thema Srl - Thema New Worlds Ltd. is a company founded in Milan, Italy in 1987 and operates throughout the Italian territory in the tourism sector offering services in marketing, sales, media relations, and PR. Thema Srl works with agencies associated with the development of strategic marketing, public relations, and communications programs. Holders of Thema Srl: Dr. Maria Olga Mazzoni and Mario Boveri.

Travel South USA c/o Thema Nuovi Mondi Srl
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     Dr. Olga Mazzoni, Managing Director
     Mr. Mario Boveri, Operations Manager
     Ms. Barbara Barili, Trade & Media Coordinator



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Travel South USA has a year-round investment in research and travel trade strategies along with earned, owned, and paid media to amplify our efforts in-market.

Commissioned research, along with monthly trend reports and a comprehensive tour operator analysis, is provided to state tourism offices participating in the Global Partner Program.
Travel trade strategies and tactics include sales missions, trade shows, workshops/regional road shows, cooperative event marketing with Brand USA, and recruitment of top-notch tour operators to the Travel South USA International Showcase & Super FAM Tours.

Earned, owned, and paid media strategies and tactics include hosting visiting journalists, FAM Tours, social media campaigns, and cooperative advertising efforts B2C.