Nordic Union Market Overview

The USA remains the top long-haul destination for Scandinavians, retaining its seventh ranking as most popular overall. Thailand, the other  key long-haul destination, has slipped to 12th from 10th. 

Living in more northerly latitudes, Scandinavians love the sun, and 25% of them cite this as their main reason for an overseas vacation. Culture, music, sport or an event trip is cited by 19% of overseas travelers and 7% for “active trips” (hike, golf, bike, etc.).

Nordic travelers have a large amount of vacation time (6 weeks paid, 11 national holidays) and like to take longer (than average European) vacations. They have significant disposable income with an average reaching almost $60,000 per year.

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Nordic Union

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Marketing & Sales Activities

Travel South USA has a year-round investment in travel trade strategies along with earned, owned and paid media to amplify our efforts in-market. We commission research along with monthly trend reports and a comprehensive tour operator analysis that is provided to state tourism offices participating in the Global Partner Program. Travel trade strategies include sales missions, trade shows, workshops/regional training road shows, cooperative event marketing with Brand USA and recruitment of top-notch tour operators to the Travel South USA International Showcase & Super FAM Tours. Earned, owned and paid media strategies and tactics include hosting visiting journalists, FAM Tours, social media campaigns, and cooperative advertising efforts.